Final Reckoning by Tony Bull

Today I am reviewing Final Reckoning by Tony Bull.






Blurb: Former SAS soldier Greg gets a call from his past.
Isle of Wight police want to talk to him about a human skeleton found during extensions to Seastone marina. After Greg contacts them they lose interest, but retired DCI Ray Tindall is convinced there’s a connection with ‘The Vanderling Associates’, a criminal gang he pursued unsuccessfully throughout his career.

Despite the risk of exposing another skeleton – the one in his own cupboard – Greg allows himself to be dragged into the ex-DCI’s investigation, and finds all his old skills returning as he uncovers evidence of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, money-laundering and murder, before a long overdue final reckoning with his old enemy, Sir Robert Clarmont Brown.

My Review: This is a very interesting and detailed crime suspense novel. The way the evidence was developed over thirty two years spanning from Greg’s youth to his retired military years is intriguing. At times it moved a little slow but kept me interested. The author’s writing style is good. There were quite a few editing errors but I was able to work through them. Some may be the difference of terms from England to America. I recommend this to the who done it lovers out there who are looking for another good read. I give this book 4 stars.


BeFunky_4 Stars.jpg



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