Winter’s End by Clarissa Cartharn

Today I am reviewing Winter’s End by Clarissa Cartharn.




Blurb: They fought against their fate…love conquered their hearts
A woman torn between two men-One she once loved and another who threatens to destroy all she’s worked for. 
Tormented by the rumors plaguing her once loveless marriage, young widow Emma Winston escapes to Breakish in the Isle of Skye with her two children. But her hopes of a new beginning is shattered as she finds herself torn between the man she once loved, her brother-in-law Richard Winston and wealthy, handsome playboy, Chris Cameron who threatens to destroy everything she’s accomplished if she doesn’t accept his offer of a convenient marriage.
Will Emma finally learn to follow her heart?
My Review: Wow where do I start. The writing and errors in this book are some of the worst I have ever seen. I really hate to give bad reviews but this is not going to be pretty. I can’t honestly say what it is about because I could not even get through the first chapter and there are very few books that I stop reading. Usually I can find something good to say even in the worst ones. Guess the cover is nice. I can give this one no more than 1 star.
BeFunky_1 Stars.jpg

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