Pinhole by Matthew Kagel

Today I am reviewing Pinhole by Matthew Kagel.




Blurb: Humanity began as primitive lungfishes, crawling out from the depths of the sea to escape predators. Humanity will end as sparkles of light, streaming across the empty voids of the universe searching for meaning.

Pinhole is about the time travelers who live between what we once were and might someday become.

Cassandra knows the future brings her doom but is helpless to stop it. Lionel executes murderers before they can kill but wonders who the real victims are. Dolores is ensnared in a cult that uses a machine to link their minds and bodies. Joseph strives to escape an eight-year loop he’s been trapped in his whole life. Daphne searches for a murderer who kills by giving his victims cancer, but she may be the next target.

Moving through time and space, their lives are intertwined, unwittingly tethered together by the same technology they use to change the world.

My Review: This is probably one of the most disjointed books I have read in a long time. It started out OK I always like time travel. However the author tried to deal with too much it seems and it turned into a muddle, even after I read the index. There was just too much crammed in. I think it would have been much better if  there were fewer scenarios and those that were there were fleshed out more. The reader really never connects with anyone in the book. The whole traffic signal thing was just dumb. I give this 2 stars.

BeFunky_2 Stars.jpg


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