Empty Space by Suzanne Dome

Today I am reviewing Empty Space by Suzanne Dome.




Dorienne Nielsen has no clear vision of her own future…until an object rockets from the sky and slams to earth behind the county fair barn.

The mercenary extraterrestrials, Den and Zeeto, want a scrounger. Dorienne’s smart mouth and voracious appetite for information fills the niche. Utilizing an illegal cybernetic augmentation, Dorienne dives head-first into information scrounging while dodging pirates, other mercenaries and political zealots. Tricky interstellar politics and the stigmas of being human in a non-human vacuum test her at every turn.

My Review: I really enjoyed the slant this book had on life from other planets. The story was original and fresh. Loved the main character Dara. Her interactions with the aliens was unique. I had a little trouble getting into the book at first. I did not really like her high school friend and the conversations seemed forced. The more I got into the book though the better and more natural it seemed to flow. I would recommend it to Sci-Fi fans and I am looking forward to the next book. I would like to give it a high rating but in fairness to my other submission I have to subtract a lot for poor editing. A  trip through a good editor would make this rank right up there with the best. I give this a 3 star.


BeFunky_3 Stars.jpg


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