The Orc of Many Questions by Shane Michael Murray

Today I am reviewing The Orc Of Many Questions by Shane Michael Murray.





Blurb: Orcs don’t like questions. Everybody with a brain knows that. Orc tribes save their strength for fighting, not thinking. They survive by raiding the lands of weaker races, repeating it year after year to offer tribute to the masters of their mountain home.

Life on Firebrand Peak is short and nasty. Death comes quickly and the fallen are soon forgotten. Generations pass, yet the tribe remains brutally the same.

Until one little orc starts asking too many questions.

My Review: I loved this fantasy story. It would be great for all ages. Love how it weaves elves,dragons,giants, orcs and all manner of fantasy creatures into the story. The adventures or misadventures of one little orc are very entertaining. I would love to read more of what happens to Talking Wind. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like a fresh take on the fantasy realm. I give this book 5 stars.


5 Stars



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