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The Breakers Promise by Conner Kressley

Today I am reviewing The Breakers Promise by Conner Kressley.





Blurb: The world is ending, and it’s her fault.
Cresta Karr is the Bloodmoon, the prophesized Breaker whose going to one day bring about the end of the world…not that anyone knows that. She and her boyfriend Owen, the Breaker prophesized who’s predestined to kill her, have done a pretty good job of hiding that fact from the Council of Masons and the world as a whole.
But when a series of events bring both of them into the Hourglass, the Breaker seat of power, their lies (and their lives) begin to unravel. How long can they keep Cresta’s real identity a secret? And what will the Council do when it finds out the truth? And will Cresta and Owen’s relationship survive when her Perfect is revealed to be someone very different than the boy she loves?
The past will yield its secret, the future will come calling, and Fate’s noose will grow ever tighter in the second part of the epic four part Fixed Points series! Don’t miss it.

My Review: This is the second in the Breakers series. It did not disappoint. If you liked the first you will love this one. Loved the background you get in this and the glimpse into the breaker world. A lot of questions get answered but still leaves plenty of room for the adventure to continue in the next book which I can’t wait to read. I give this 5 stars.


5 Stars



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