Servant by J. S. Bailey

Today I am reviewing Servant by J. S. Bailey.




Blurb:  Bobby Roland knows things he shouldn’t.

Plagued with premonitions of disaster, he fights to save others’ lives. What Bobby doesn’t foresee is that rescuing a stranger from death will place him in the line of fire.

He discovers a world of evil spirits and tormented souls when he becomes entangled in a madman’s plot to kill the Servant, a man chosen by God to exorcise demons from the possessed. When Bobby falls under spiritual attack following the encounter, he must choose between saving others and saving himself.

My Review: This book is great. The authors style reminds me a great deal of Dean Koontz. Love the supernatural. It is paced well and the writing is great. I highly recommend this book. Can’t wait to read more of what happens to the main character in the next book. I give this book 5 stars.



5 Stars



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