About Me and Review Requests

Hello, I am an avid reader and I can go through multiple books in a week. I read across all genres. I promise to give you an honest review about how I feel about your book. Due to some things that have came up since I opened this blog, my review policies have changed somewhat and I will be much more selective in what I review.

I’m not interested in erotica or non-fiction.  My apologies to erotica and non-fiction writers, but these are just not things that interest me.


Before you submit, read my submission guidelines. If you do not follow my submission guidelines, your request will be ignored.

Please pay attention:

I accept .mobi files or books gifted through Amazon ONLY. Do not send me a pdf. file. I have no interest in sitting at my computer for hours to read your book. If you do not know what a mobi is or how to gift through Amazon, that is not my problem. You are the author, it is up to you to know the files you need for your book.

You must send me the link to your book on Amazon. I will use that link to check out your book and make use of the look inside feature. If I find a bunch of editing and grammar mistakes in the sample, I will ignore your request. If you want to be reviewed by my blog, I suggest making use of one of the many freelance editors out there. And no, your aunt Edna who was once a substitute teacher in an English class is not a qualified editor.  I love indie books and fully support the self-publishing movement. I like to be able to help indie authors get the word out about their books. However, if you are not going to invest the time and money to put out a polished product, why should I waste my time reading it when there are plenty of indie authors who do put in that effort waiting to be reviewed.

Also, I am not an editor or a beta reader. If I don’t give your book the review you think it should have, don’t email me and ask how you could have made it better or what you should have done differently. You are the author, there crit groups, editors, proof readers etc out there. Make use of them.

Please title any review request with: Book Review Request – Title of Book

In the body of the email, please give me your name, the title of your book, the genre, word count, blurb and Amazon link to this email addy: voraciousreader54@gmail.com

DO NOT attach anything to the email. No files, no pictures. If I am interested in reviewing your book, I will contact you for any cover pictures, files, etc.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in deletion of your email without further consideration.

I accept both indie and trad authors. However, a decision to read and review your book does NOT guarantee a positive review.  It does guarantee an honest review. You don’t have to agree with my review, but I do expect you to behave like the professional you are supposed to be. Any whining or ranting about a review will put you on my list of “to immature to be a writer” and you will no longer be allowed to come play on my blog.

I will cross post to Amazon and GoodReads.

And finally, if I look at your sample and it looks clean of a bunch of errors and I accept the review only to find out that the editing ends at the sample (yes, I have ran into this) you will get the one star review you deserve for wasting my time.

you can find me on  http://www.theindieview.com/


5 responses to “About Me and Review Requests

  1. Hello, Audra,

    I am trying to get a handle on this. I am not familiar with the .mobi file format. Do you downlowd an ebook onto that file and transmit it to you? My historical novel, THE SIGN OF THE EAGLE, which is set in ancient Rome is available on as an ebook on Kindle and Nook and is available as a trade paperback. I do not own an e reader. I would be happy to send you a printed copy at my expense for you to review. Please let me know. Thank you.
    Jess Steven Hughes

  2. Not sure who Audra is, my name is Judy. I did see that one of my posts was reblogged, perhaps that is where the mix up came from. 🙂

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